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6 strategies to improve your coping ability

We've all been impacted by the pandemic in some way or another, including financial woes, changing the way we work, staying home to care for self or loved ones, or online school to name a few. The issues we are all facing can lead to feelings of anxiousness and stress for many people and some simply don't have the tools or resources to cope.

Chronic stress can have negative impacts on us both physically and mentally and can contribute to things such as depression, fear, weight gain, headaches, memory loss, decreased motivation, lowered self-confidence, etc. During times of stress people may act out of character, self-diagnose, or use negative coping mechanisms they may not even be aware of such as binge eating, excess use of alcohol or drugs, or self-deprecation.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, consider the following coping strategies as a tool to help REPAIR:


“what defines you?”

Reflect on your values. Remind yourself who you are and what you're all about. What defines you and what do you believe in? It's easy to have our thoughts spiral out of control when we feel like we have no control. Therefore refocus yourself, on what it is you do control and why that's important to you in the first place.


“be reasonable”

Evaluate your goals. Are they still relevant? What requires adjusting? Be reasonable with the expectations you have for yourself. You are in uncharted territory. Sometimes small steps in the right direction are better than no steps, and sometimes standing still is the best plan.

P•Practice gratitude


Practice gratitude and kindness. Not only to others but with yourself. Find the positive rather than the negative throughout the day. Smile (even with your eyes if you're wearing a mask!)


"focus your energy on what's working"

Look at your accomplishments instead of just the setbacks. Focus your energy on what's working and what you have accomplished this year. Look for opportunities through innovation and reinvention of yourself or your skills. You already know what's not going your way and it will consume all of your time and energy if you let it.


"stay connected"

Invest in your relationships and stay connected. We all need somebody sometimes. Pick up the phone and call a family member, play a board game via Skype with friends, join an online chat group where positive interaction takes place. We are after all human beings and we need social interaction for our mental health.

Invest in yourself. Your physical and nutritional health plays a major factor in your mental health. Exercise releases positive endorphins and a whole foods diet provides the fuel your brain and body needs. Be mindful of what you are putting in your body and what you are doing (or not doing) with your body. Make time to go for a walk, try a new food you've never tried, learn to cook at home, drink more water, do micro workouts at home. You are going to have this body for a long time so it's important you take care of it.


"take a deep breath"

Respond rather than react. Anxiety and stress can be triggered by what we see and hear and there is no shortage of information (good and bad) out there. Take a deep breath and allow the information to sink in before reacting to it. Ask yourself how this new information directly affects you, the impact on your values and relationships. Is it worth dying on that hill (metaphorically speaking of course)? Gather your thoughts and respond if needed. Controlling your emotions goes a long way to building resiliency.

HEALTH is never an issue until it's an issue and then it's the only issue

This is why we do what we do at #BAUSLIFEstylists. We specialize in making fitness, nutrition and overall general health a relevant issue and supporting people who want to transition towards a healthier life. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Whether you have little steps or huge leaps you are looking to take, our job is to provide you with the tools and accountability to not only make those changes happen, but to prepare you with the skills to make those changes stick. We are truly #passionate about assisting people in living their #bestlife. We think you deserve it and we hope you think you deserve it too!

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