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"I pick things up & Put them Down"

Is strength training really for everyone?

Many people associate #fitness with “working out” or “going to the gym” but there are so many aspects beyond that. Strength training does play a critical role in our overall fitness but we’ll come back to that. Functional movement, flexibility, balance, coordination, cardio, etc are all important as well. Your individual goals factor in to designing a program that contains one or more of these fitness elements.

Activities & Exercise

“physical activities and physical exercise are different”

Physical exercise & physical activities are different & while both fall under the physical fitness umbrella, a lot of people use the terms interchangeably & subsequently may be partaking in certain behaviours that are not contributing to achieving their goals. Basically, physical activity is anything that gets our bodies moving. Examples include standing instead of sitting, going for a walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. Physical exercise is differs in that it is a structured planned event. It’s about intentionally engaging in structured movement to improve fitness in specific areas (this is where the functional movement, flexibility, etc comes in to play).

Strength Training

“muscle bound dimwit"

So let’s get back to the strength training element. This tends to have a negative image for a lot of people as being some muscle bound dimwit who picks things up and puts them down. It’s not like that, at least not always. More importantly, it doesn’t have to be. Strength training has many different faces. It can be for aesthetic, endurance, general fitness, power, toning or a combination of all. Beyond the physical benefits, strength training provides mental & emotional benefits as well. Without sounding too “science-y”, lifting weights builds confidence, improves mood, improves stress response, reduces chance for injury, improves heart health, & reduces/prevents certain diseases (the peace of mind is the mental part).


"think again"

Moral of the story? BOTH physical activity & exercise is crucial in supporting your overall health & fitness, & lifting weights is a key component of that. The next time you think strength training is just for meatheads, think again😉

HEALTH is never an issue until it's an issue and then it's the only issue

This is why we do what we do at #BAUSLIFEstylists. We specialize in making fitness, nutrition and overall general health a relevant issue and supporting people who want to transition towards a healthier life. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Whether you have little steps or huge leaps you are looking to take, our job is to provide you with the tools and accountability to not only make those changes happen, but to prepare you with the skills to make those changes stick. We are truly #passionate about assisting people in living their #bestlife. We think you deserve it and we hope you think you deserve it too!

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