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How can a Lifestylist help me reach my maximum potential?

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

5 Reasons to use a lifestylist

Urban dictionary defines lifestylists as:

1. "Derogatory term for someone who adopts the superficial trappings of a political ideology or movement, particularly anarchism, without being dedicated to the cause. Originates from the term "lifestyle anarchist" coined by Murray Bookchin."

2. "A person who acts as a resource for improved lifestyle choices. One who promotes positive lifestyle habits and practices, similar to a life coach."

We are pleased to say we are definitely the latter!

1. Mindset

“Telling yourself that your life is good enough can come at the expense of living your true potential.”

Pursuing your dreams isn't always easy. Some people are perfectly content with their lives and feel no need to make any changes and that's completely okay. On the other hand, many people want to make a change but don't know where or how to start, or don't believe their dreams are in reach so they decide to settle for the life they have now. Telling yourself that your life is good enough can come at the expense of living your true potential. As lifestyle coaches we aren't going to tell you what to do or force you down a path you don't want to go. Our role is to uncover what is truly important to you and help you formulate a plan for getting more out of life than perhaps you thought possible.

2. Health, Fitness & Well-being

“Having a lifestyle something worth investing in because that is you, investing in YOU”

Living a healthy life means something different to everyone. Maybe you have an idea in mind about what your "healthy" lifestyle goals look like, or maybe you have no idea and you're looking for someone to help you with a starting point. At BAUS LIFEstylists, we think generally most people agree that living a long life, with as few health issues as possible and the ability to do the activities we want with as little pain as possible, would be fantastic! How to get there is diverse from person to person. Every individual is starting from a different point and has unique challenges (children, busy job(s), ailing family members, pets, general chaos and stress...). Is your goal to become an elite level athlete, or maybe just to be more active than you currently are? Maybe you want to eat healthier or find ways to make time to reconnect with yourself. If so, we can help. There are so many things you are capable of! Often getting the ball rolling and moving yourself in the desired direction can be overwhelming and one of the biggest obstacles you encounter. As coaches we help you create a meaningful and lasting plan to remove the hurdles holding you back. We're here to provide encouragement and support if and when one of those hurdles knocks you down. At the end of the day our job is to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, so that you can live the active, healthy life you desire! Improvement doesn't need to be an absolute 180 degree change from where you are currently at. Small steps can lead to BIG changes. Having a lifestyle coach to work with you through your health/fitness/well-being journey is something worth investing in because that is you, investing in YOU!

3. Connections & Relationships

"we want you to have fulfilling, positive and caring relationships"

Relationships affect almost every part of our everyday lives. Family, friends, spouses, partners, colleagues (even the ones you maybe avoid at work...) and every interaction in between affects our lives, for better or for worse. Sometimes, even though you have a relationship with someone doesn't mean that you "get along" or even like each other. Our best relationships are often the highlight of our day. They are our fun, our safety, a source of adventure, support, encouragement and provide unmatched love and happiness. Unfortunately not all relationships are this positive. There are times when even those closest to us become our biggest critics and while both parties may have good intentions, our ability to remain open minded, objective and understanding, somehow gets lost through ineffective communication. Some stir feelings of anxiety or cause us to feel completely overwhelmed or stressed and at times relationships can be toxic to our self worth. Coping with our myriad of relationships, good, bad and indifferent has the potential to hold us back from our journey to self betterment. As lifestyle coaches we want you to have fulfilling, positive and caring relationships that not only elevate your life but enhance the lives of the people you connect with. Our coaching is aimed at assisting you in evaluating your relationships, providing you with an unbiased outside perspective and offering insights that you may overlook due to your emotional connections. We also help you develop skills which assist you in fostering positive future relationships which are an integral part of creating your best life!

4. Personal Brand

"no matter what you do not everyone will like you, don't hold up your progress trying!"

Have you heard the saying "peoples opinion of you is none of your business"? We absolutely agree! That being said, how you present yourself to the world is your business! Your personal brand is all about who you are, who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world. For many people the idea of trying to be "perfect" or ensuring that everyone likes you can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Our response to those thoughts may seem flippant, but we truly believe that no matter what you do not everyone will like you, don't hold up your progress trying! If you are able to move past the idea of being everything to everyone, you are on the way to strengthening your personal brand. Maybe you love the trendy new fashion styles but you keep wearing the same old same clothes because you don't have the confidence to try something new and bold. What if you have always wanted people to take you more seriously but think that you don't have the right letters following your name (trust us we've been there!). Your potential is unlimited, and it all starts with belief in yourself. Taking the steps to assert yourself and confidently portray the person you are or the person you want to become to the world is hard work. As lifestyle coaches we listen to you, ask you thought provoking questions, and help you reflect, so that you can gain the confidence to proudly portray your personal brand.

5. Money Matters

"supporting the lifestyle you want to live."

Money affects everyone, and while we've never heard anyone say they have too much of it, we have heard plenty over the years say they don't have enough. Financial related matters play a significant role in ones lifestyle and can be a major cause of stress and concern for people. That's not to say you need money in order to be happy but feeling in control of your financial picture can go a long way to providing added peace of mind and supporting the lifestyle you want to live. We work with you to understand how your financial situation affects your life and provide you with valuable resources, tools and coaching to feel confident about your financial future.

Lets start enhancing lifestyles together

As you may have gathered from everything in this blog, as coaches we want to work with you to enhance your #lifestyle holistically! Whether you have little steps or huge leaps you are looking to take, our job is to provide you with the tools and accountability to not only make those changes happen, but to prepare you with the skills to make those changes stick. We are truly #passionate about assisting people in living their #bestlife. We think you deserve it and we hope you think you deserve it too! #BAUSLIFEstylists

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