Allow us to introduce ourselves, Rick and Denae Marz, Co-Creators of BAUS LIFEstylists.  

Believers that it is never too late to live your finest.

Our passion is helping people make transformational changes in order to design their desired lifestyle. We understand that everyone is unique, and you deserve more than a "one size fits all" program. This is why we tailor our approach to the individual needs of each of our clients. It's our job to take a deep dive into your vision, values, and goals and focus on the areas of mindset, fitness, nutrition, finances, career, relationships and many other aspects that serve to enhance your lifestyle both personally and professionally.

So what makes us different? Empathy & Relatability. We have experienced health challenges, becoming unfit, getting fit, complex family dynamics and blended families, raising children to adulthood (I know, we look too young!), the physical struggle of sedentary work environments, the mental stresses of fast paced jobs in multiple industries, farm life, town life, city life, physical work, mental work, winning and losing, and so much more. This positions us to connect and provide perspective and value to a wide range of people working through diverse challenges.

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Let's connect to uncover you what's holding you back from living your desired lifestyle. Want more information before committing to a call? No problem! Shoot us an email ...
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